Making a mini rose garden tutorial by Cassy V.

Thank you to Cassy V. for the following tutorial!  

* Popsicle sticks
* white paint (optional)
* moss (you can buy it at craft stores)
* ribbon (any color)
* posterboard

1. Cut the rounded end off approximately 30 popsicle sticks.

2. If you're going to paint them, paint them now.

3. Cut 6 of them in half, and put another 12 aside.

4. Cut a square of posterboard so it's the length of one full popsicle stick and the width of one half.

5. Lay 6 full ones in a row, so that their long sides are touching and glue them so they form a little wall.

6. Do the same with another 6 full ones. Then do again with 6 halves. Then do one last time with the last 6 halves.

7. Now you have 4 little walls for your box. Set them up standing around the poster board square and glue them there.

8. Take the remaining popsicle sticks and glue them together the way the lattice work behind the roses in this picture is set up. (You may want to cut the ends of these sticks at a diagonal for a cleaner look)  

9. Glue the diagonal design so it becomes the back "wall" of your garden box.

10. Fill the box with moss and weave some of the moss up your diagonal wall.

11. Use this:,-Satin-or-Ribbon-Roses tutorial to use your ribbon to make the roses.

12. Glue the roses onto the moss in the box and climbing up the wall.

You're done!  This would make a nice movable outdoor dollhouse decoration, or done on an even smaller scale, a window-box.   

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