How to make your own dollhouse pie

Making your own doll house pies is a lot easier than you might think.  You need a bottle cap, some craft foam and a small hole punch (or tiny beads or used air soft rifle pellets), glue and water, a scrap of thin brown paper.  
Here are step by step instructions with pictures:

1. Take an old bottle cap (you can also buy them at a craft store for a few cents), fill it with tiny beads or small punches of craft foam to see how much filling you need:

2. Dump the loose pie filling into a small container, add glue and stir.

3.  Dump the pie filling into the bottle cap(s) and wait for it to dry.  Here's a before and after picture of the wet / dry pie filling:

4. Next, make the crust... turn a pie upside down on thin brown paper and trace around it.  Cut out the circle.

5.  Cut the brown paper circle into thin strips.

6. Mix a little water and glue together - make it fairly runny, like the consistency of milk.  Put the strips in the glue mixture and stir them around, being sure they get coated on all sides.

7. Lay the strips across the top of the pies in a criss-cross lattice pattern.  (Note:  I use a toothpick or end of a paint brush to help get the strips in place.  Otherwise they start sticking to both hands and you end up really frustrated.)

8.  Wait for the pies to "bake" (dry!) and you're done!  


  1. Hi there :)
    I just thought I'd let you know that your site is FABULOUS!!! I have a design project that I am doing where I have to create a dollshouse and I cannot begin to tell you how helpful all your information has been. You have inspired me to do all sorts of things that I hadn't thought of before. Thank you so much for getting my creative juices flowing again...I really appreciate it. If you do have kids, they are so lucky to have parents like you who put so much effort into these things!

  2. Thank you! If you want to send a link to your completed dollhouse or a picture, we can post it!

  3. (i spelled my name with an 'ie' so you knew we were different people, although I usually just switch back and forth between the 2 spellings)

    Hiya! so I started building a doll house a while ago out of boredom and it's been lagging along since (school and stuff tends to preoccupy me) but anywho, I really love your site! specially this tutorial (just tried it and it loved it! although i was impatient and put my pie under a light for it dry faster so it sort of really did 'bake') I've used a bunch of your tutorials, I've used your wood flooring too. and i thought I'd say thanks and keep em coming. I made a rose thingamajig where it's like sort of a rose garden if you'd be interested in me sending you a pic and a tutorial for you to include it here, i would be honored to. Just email me at

  4. Thank you Cassie, glad you "baked" a pie :) I'll email you shortly.

  5. Way cool easy way. But it looks so real


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