Free "oiled walnut" dollhouse floor - extra large file!

If you are decorating a doll house that has larger floors than our other files print, here is an extra large file of wooden flooring.  It should print around 30" x 30".  You could use a printing service (like Costco, or Walmart) and print either a regular print or a poster print to get some "instantly ready" flooring.  I have not done this so do not know how durable it would be without spraying with an acryllic sealer... let us know if you do it - do you like it, would you do it again, what would you do different...  Enjoy!

(Be sure to select the picture, save to your computer or device and print (or order a print) from there.  Printing this page will not print the full resolution of the floor.)

As always, for personal use only.  Thank you!   


  1. thank you very much for this but I only need a little bit for a small floor :)


  2. Hi there! Do you accept guest posts?

  3. No, no guest posts, but if you have something you would like me to consider sharing you can put your e.mail in a comment and I will not publish it to the blog, but rather contact you.


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