Dollhouse Wall Boxes

If you love "dollhousing" but don't have a lot of time or space or money, these are very fun!  Hammer together some wooden boxes, affix a picture hanger to the back, and decorate as you have time.  You could eventually have an entire "house" hanging on your wall!  They also work well as gifts for a child, or as a "memory diorama" for someone who is moving and you want to preserve the memory of their home. 

You can decorate them the traditional way with paint/glue/wallpaper, or you can (as we've done below) glue everything to card stock and make the doll house wall box very easy to change... you can have a Palace one day and a Log Cabin the next!

Start with a wooden box:  (The INTERIOR measurements of the box shown are 9.25 inches wide, 7.75 inches tall, 5 inches deep)

Now, you can decorate the dollshouse wall box the traditional way with paint, glue, wallpaper, etc. Or, as we've done in these two samples, use pictures to help you along.  These two wall boxes use edited internet pictures, but you could just as easily take your own, especially with the panorama feature most cameras now have.  

Print the pictures, glue them to card stock, and cut to the correct size.  Do the same thing with your choice of flooring.

Now, you can either glue these on for a permanent theme, or affix them with tape for a quick "redecorate" now-and-again!

Tape Method 1:  (I tried this and decided my fit was too close, so opted for Method 2)

Tape Method 2:  This is what I like for a changeable dollhouse theme

Here are some completed pictures of the palace dollhouse wall box:

 Notice how in the picture above the perspective makes the 5 inch deep box appear deeper? 

Don't forget, these dollhouse diorama boxes can be either hung on a wall, or set on a shelf.

 And, here are some pictures of a very quick and easy log cabin dollhouse room... It would be very fun (or a great home-school project) to do Laura Ingalls Wilder doll house rooms... her dugout, little cabin in the woods, house, etc. 

These pictures were all from different sources but I edited them in Photoshop to get the color tones to match... As you can see, the corners don't match up, but by the time you decorate, you don't notice (at a first glance anyway!)

Can you see the picture above the mantel?  I put a small piece of tape directly on the "wallpaper", then attached the picture with a piece of looped tape.  Now, when we decide to redecorate, the picture easily comes off and won't tear the wallpaper. 

Remember,  one plus of this tiny project is that it can be stored anywhere... even on your bookshelf while waiting for paint to dry!

Have fun!!


  1. this looks like fun, thanks for the ideas :)

  2. I love how you used the printables to add so much detail to your dollhouse dioramas. I have used scrapbook paper for wallpaper, but haven't really ventured into the world of printed backgrounds. I shared your post on my FB page:

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  4. Where do you get a wooden box like this?

  5. We made the one pictured (The INTERIOR measurements of the box shown are 9.25 inches wide, 7.75 inches tall, 5 inches deep)... You may be able to find one with similar measurements in the wood section of a craft store... I have not tried it, but if you have very stiff cardboard, you may be able to tape it into this size and cover with your decorating paper...

  6. Thanks ever so much for your helpful dolls deco site.
    LJust love it!

  7. Thank you ever so much for having this page. I just love it :)

  8. Thank you ever so much for having this page. I just love it :)

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