How to put a small bit of wallpaper in your dollhouse...

In an earlier post I told how I put full walls of wall paper in a wooden doll house.  This post will tell how I do smaller bits of wallpaper... for example, a painted top and wallpapered bottom.  This method also works for installing borders.  Remember things look better in "thirds" rather than "halves".  (for example, paint 2/3 of the wall and wallpaper 1/3... or wallpaper 2/3 and paint 1/3...)

1. Measure and cut  your wallpaper
2. Always have your wallpaper go continuously around a corner... don't have it stop at a corner or a dark "gap" will show when you're all done.  To make this easier, crease/fold the wallpaper piece where the corner will end up.
3. Use an old magazine and lay a piece(s) of your wallpaper upside down on it.
4. Smear tacky glue all over the back of it, paying special attention to the edges.
5. Quickly go wash and dry your hands, or keep a wet rag handy to wipe the glue off your fingers before pressing the wallpaper into place.
6. Turn the magazine page, and you have another fresh surface for gluing the next piece!


  1. Hello. Can one use Modge Podge to glue it on?

  2. I have never tried using Modge Podge to glue it in place, but I don't see why you couldn't! It should work. Plus it would be more durable... Let me know how it goes!


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