Don't throw out those holiday cards, candy wrappers, or old calendars - yet!

You can make some quick, cheap gilt (gold) doll house picture frames by saving foil candy wrappers!  Cut out a picture (a small rectangle from a holiday card works well, or else one of the small pictures from the back of an calendar or calendar envelope).  Glue the picture in the middle of the wrapper, and fold the edges up until the picture is framed!  That's it!  Here are step by step pictures:

eat the chocolate :)

  smooth out the foil

 glue the picture to the center of the foil and start folding in the edges... you can cut a little from the long side like you see in the picture so that you don't end up with so much "bulk" at the corners.

Keep folding in the sides...

Use a tiny bit of glue to secure each corner. 

You're done and ready to hang the pictures in your dollhouse!

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