Make your own wooden dollhouse kitchen table

If you've ever tried making a wooden doll house table, you know how hard it can be to get the legs even so that the table doesn't rock.  Here's a quick and easy "trick" you can use... 
* Drill holes for your dowel table legs in each corner (drill clear through the table top)
* Insert the dowels (they need to fit snuggly, you may have to gently tap them in with a hammer)
* Place the table right side up and see if it rocks, if it does, adjust the offending leg(s) until the table rests evenly.
* Turn table upside down and run a thin line of glue around each leg
* When dry, sand table top until smooth
* Now finish your table... by staining or painting.  Here is an example of a table topped with a retro looking finish (scrapbooking paper covered with laminate)

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