Make your own miniature dollhouse piano!

Making your own wooden doll house piano sounds complicated, but I figured out an easy way to make one!  You need:
* 1 block of wood 4.5" x 3.25" x .75"
* 1 triangular piece of wood (found in the trim department of hardware stores) 4.5" long
* 1 thin flat wood piece 4.5" x 1.25" x .25"
* 2 dowels (whatever diameter you want) 2" long
* one printed piano keyboard roughly 4" long (you can find a good one at Jim's Dollhouse Pages)
Glue these wooden pieces together as shown in the picture, paint, and enjoy!  Jim's Dollhouse Pages also has some tiny sheet music you can print.

For a piano bench, take a 1" x 2.5" of thin wood and add two more pieces of wood for the legs, bringing the total bench height to approximately 1.5"

I do have an earlier post of an even simpler piano - it takes two pieces of wood.  I think this one is way nicer though!

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