Adding dried flowers to your dollhouse!

Flowers here and there make your doll house seem more real. Put them in a window box, in a "vase", or just lay a bouquet on a table somewhere. Silk / plastic / fake flowers are the most durable, but drying flowers is fun too - plus it doesn't cost anything and is easy! If you have a small child playing with your dollhouse, you probably do not want to put dried flowers in it! Here is a beautiful plant we were given... I clipped off the buds, set them on a paper towel in an out of the way spot and a week or two later (depending on the temperature) they dried. Flowers close up and shrink a bit as they dry, so keep that in mind. A surprising source for good dollhouse dried flowers is weeds - you have to be choosy though, some obviously won't work but small ones do.

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