How to change the color tones of free wallpaper files...

Say you find the "perfect" wallpaper for your dollhouse... but... it's pink with orange polka-dots and you can't stand pink with orange polka-dots!  Using Adobe Photoshop (or Adobe Photoshop Elements) you can easily change the doll house wall paper colors... Here's how:
* open the file
* Choose the "Replace Color" command.  (In my version this is found by clicking: Enhance, Adjust Color, Replace Color)
* Click on the color you want to change
* Adjust the 3 slider bars until you get the color and look you desire
* Click "OK" and you're done!  
* You may need to do this multiple times for a file, depending on how many colors you are wishing to change.
Here are three of my earlier files with the above technique applied:

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