Make your own homemade dollhouse fireplace

A fire place makes your dolls house look cozy and is very easy to make.  Find a photo of a fireplace that you like (do an image search for one, or else take your own picture of one).  Make sure the photo is straight on.  If it is taken at an angle it won't work.  Print the photo so that it fills a space approximately 3 1/8" high by 3 7/8" wide.  Cut a thin piece of wood or craft foam the same dimensions.  Cut a mantel from another thin piece of wood.  Glue the mantel to the top of the fireplace.  Paint the entire thing a coordinating color (brown if it's a wood fireplace, grey if it's a stone one, etc.)  When dry, glue on the fireplace picture.  Now, you are done, or you can coat it with some acrylic spray sealer to make it a little nicer.  You can glue the fire place to the wall, or use velcro to fasten it if you want it to be moveable.  You can also use a thicker piece of wood that will stand on it's own to make a completely free-standing fireplace that can be moved around on a whim.    This isn't a great picture, but here's a sample of one fastened to the wall:

And here's a couple pictures of a free-standing wooden dollhouse fireplace:

And here's one of a stone doll house fireplace:


  1. WOW!!! I love this idea so so so much. I've been trying everything to get a creative, nice fireplace...and now I know what I'm going to use!! This is a great idea and everything about looks awesome. Thank you for teaching me this.(I'm going to use the stone fireplace)!!!!!!!!!!I hope there will be other furniture idea's for my doll house!!!!!!!!!(:(:(:(:

  2. Your fireplaces are beautiful :) I recently made one for my own dollhouse, using a different strategy...
    Mine is less realistic, but it does light up :)

  3. I like it! It looks cozy. I'll do a post with a link to yours...

  4. its really interesting! i like it and i might try to do something like it

  5. This blog is awesome, thanks so much for making it!


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