More notes on a no-sew doll house couch, sofa, or arm chair

The general instructions to create your own dollhouse front room, living room, parlour, or den furniture are in our earlier post.  But here are some more notes!  

I found a cheap, realistic looking product from which to make doll house furniture legs... earring posts!  You can buy them in bags in the jewelry section of craft stores.  Use very small dots of hot glue to secure them to the bottom of your furniture piece.  Here is a close-up picture...

Here are three ways you can trim our no-sew doll house arm chairs, sofas, etc.
1.)  Thin decorative rope works much better than the thick rope used in the earlier post...

2.) A plain, slick yarn-like trim:

3.) Make your own trim by cutting very thin strips of coordinating or matching fabric.  I recommend using a sewing glue for this type, not hot glue.  

Another thing you can do to give your doll house chair, couch, or sofa a different look is glue trim around the base of it.  Sometimes the raw edge of certain fabrics works great - that's what this picture is of - otherwise, experiment with different kinds of trimming and ruffles.

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