Making "linoleum" for your dollhouse

There are several ways you can create custom linoleum for your dollhouse.  The general idea though is to print it on your home printer and cover it with some craft adhesive laminate (we think clear Con-Tact Paper is the easiest one to work with, but you can use any brand).  Next, cut the linoleum to your floor's size.  Then, smear a thin layer of glue on the floor, and place your flooring on top of it, smoothing out any wrinkles.  (note:  make sure you allow the ink to completely dry before laminating and gluing your linoleum.)  


  1. make your own linoleum tile pattern on the computer is a great idea. Try using excel for a software. Once you have 4 sqaure, you can just drag them across to create a pattern.

  2. I have access to a laminator...would that work as well as the contact paper for making the linoleum?

  3. Joanne -

    It is certainly worth a try. I would just laminate one piece first, trim it and see if the laminate sticks to your paper after the edges are trimmed. (Many lamintors seal only touching pieces of laminate plastic together, rather than "sticking" the laminate plastic to the paper.)

    Laminate typically is hard to get glue to stay adhered to... That could be a problem a few days after you install it... but that would also make it really easy to redo the flooring! Let me know how you get on. Thank you :)


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