Make your own handmade no-sew dollhouse chair or sofa!

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If you've ever admired real dollhouse front room furniture, but know it is out of your price range and looks way to complicated for you to ever even think of sewing it... then this post is for you! It is a super easy, homemade no-sew way of making your own realistic looking dollhouse family room / front room / parlor furniture.

You'll need: a block of wood 1.75 inches square, fabric, coordinating decorative rope, fabric stiffener that has adhesive on both sides, 4 same sized beads, and a glue gun. Here is a picture of the fabric stiffener stuff I used and it worked well:

If you're not picky, a square block of wood will work just fine, but if you are picky, you can angle one side slightly and round one corner... then when you assemble the chair the back will angle back slightly instead of straight up and down, and the chair seat will look more like it is a cushion. Here's a picture of a sample side view:

Next, take a piece of paper or card stock, fold it in half length wise. Center your block on the fold on the bottom edge. Imagine what you want the side of your chair to look like and sketch it. If you don't want to sketch your own, you can print this template and use it to create the chair back you see in this post (*note: when printed, the grey area of this template should measure 3.56 inches high and 5.107 inches wide. You might have to copy and paste it into a word processing program or photo editing program to force it to be that size.)

If you chose to draw your own shape, fold the paper in half and cut:

Now wrap your template around your wood block to test and make sure it is how you want it to look. It is okay that the template doesn't come completely to the front edges of the block - this makes just enough room to nest your rope trim in:

Using your template as a guide, measure enough fabric to cover your template twice, and enough fabric stabilizer to cover it once:

Follow the manufacturer's directions to fuse the fabric to both sides of your fabric stabilizer.

Using the template, cut out your shape...

Now, cut a piece of fabric just big enough to fully cover the wood block. Smear the block with a thin layer of glue and "wrap" it just like you would a package!

Position your wrapped block at the bottom and in the center of your fabric chair arms and back. Holding firmly, start hot gluing the two pieces together:

Now take your decorative roping/edging and beginning at the bottom on one side, hot glue the edging on a little at a time. *note, use very small amounts of glue here or it will show and not look as nice:

Now turn the chair over and put 4 blobs of hot glue in each corner and push a bead into each:

You're done! You can add a cushion for height or just to look nice if you'd like. Here are some finished picture of this chair:

For additonal ideas and notes and more pictures of doll house couches and arm chairs, visit this post.

Better yet, to view all the posts together, use the "no-sew doll house couch / sofa" label on the top left.

We also occasionally sell cheap already made furniture... for more information and what's currently available, visit this furniture page of our dollhouse decorating website!


  1. Beautiful tutorial! Thank you a lot!! ^O^

  2. Hello, this tutorial inspire me too much! Thank you! Here the picture of my sweet sofa:


  3. Thank you for sharing your picture! It turned out very cute and I enjoyed seeing what you did :)

  4. Very educational and inspirational. Thank you so much.

  5. I couldn't afford to buy furniture and truely appreciate your site teaching me how to make the furniture.

  6. You're welcome! That's the reason we came up with the ideas :) Glad they were useful to you.

  7. Your tutorials are terrific! Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. i love your site. it is so satisfying to make your own, i am newbie so all of this is fascinating

    thank you

  9. Wow, this is awesome. Great tutorial! My daughter and I love makeing new stuff for our homemade dollhouse. I'm a new follower. Thanks so much!

  10. even a single seat was fine toy. :) Thank you for your beautiful work.

  11. You do such wonderful Work. Cant wait to start making this beautiful stuff for my doll house. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  12. excellent verey helpful

  13. realy easy but if you dont have a glue sticks for your glue gun or piece of wood what would be the subsitetute please reply i need to finish my doll house

  14. Use any kind of glue that you have, it doesn't have to be hot glue, hot glue just dries faster. Instead of a wooden block you can glue together pieces of craft foam. Use rubber bands to hold the back on to the craft foam block until it dries.


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